Veronika Briatkov√°


The desert swallowed the last one of the travelers. Another element, water, takes over. Then there is a submarine - which can be also used as a medium of transport (similar to the camels).

First impression. Submarines, as the one depicted in the clip, are usually homes to marine soldiers. We cannot see them, but we know they are there and maybe going to fight and die.

Sometimes smudges appear on the film itself, like waves which are to swallow the submarine and the life within it. Submarines were designed to conquer the sea, but in reality, they are at its mercy . Water is connected with creation but it can be our doom.

Second impression. Submarine is now in a ship alike state - floating ON the water. It is probably heading somewhere, but we can not know for sure. Similarly, as on the desert, you do not know if you are going straight or in circles. There are two structures resembling crosses; reminding me of the old ventures - Noe, the Puritans and many others. All these had a goal - to find a promised/Holy land. We are all being constantly reminded we should have a goal in our life. Sometimes however, it is better just to sail along. If living on the land is considered to be a sane/natural option, sea is maybe an unstable and insane option - the subconscious. The uknown places of our mind - is it the same as living under the water? I would like to have a submarine of my mind and sometimes I actually do. When I use it it equals visiting a country of horrors. I enjoy being there and at the same time I am wondering if I will be able to emerge from it - back to the surface. Which option is more comfortable and fitting?