Simona Škurková


     Once I had a dream. In the dream, I saw two dark figures. Tall, slim, upright, and gloomy. They stand there silent and motionless. The sun was slowly going down and twilight ruled the empty streets. Dark sky, feeble rain, nobody around, only those two impressive figures standing in front of a ruined building, which once might be an elementary school.

     The profound silence was suddenly interrupted by a very sharp sound. Was it a child screaming? Who knows? But the two figures stood there without noticing the dreadful sound or anything else in their surroundings.

     It was already night, when out of nowhere appeared a bunch of kids walking slowly toward the ruined building. They did not speak, they did not look around. Walking was the only thing they did; walking so slowly that it almost looked unnatural.

     After few minutes, which due to the slow motion seemed to last for decades, the kids reached the building and stopped in front of the two dark figures staring at them with awe … waiting. Waiting for what? And who are these two figures? No one knows. Are they from this world? Maybe they are and maybe they are not.

     The atmosphere in the streets was gloomy and the rain was growing stronger and stronger. In the distance, you could already hear the thunder, and the night sky was illuminated by dramatic lightning. The kids stood in front of these two sinister Angels of Death, waiting for some higher power to determine the next step of their miserable lives.

     Destiny, Fate, Future, all these words meant nothing to the kids. The next thing they are going to see is the light at the end of the tunnel and then nothing, nothing at all. Eternal emptiness. The Life-or-Death fight is over and the journey into the Unknown has already begun. So who's next? Who is going to join them?