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Everything has its own history, no matter, if it’s a human, an animal, or a thing, which we need in everyday life. It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual or a thing, there was and always will be outer influence. To show this I give you some examples.

Babies are born by crying women, a furniture is build by a carpenter and a film is created by an author, a director and the help of an film-cutter.

Babies are born that mummies and daddies have children, whom they can be proud of.

Things are developed to make life easier and some will hope the thing, which they have developed, produced or built, should have its function and importance for the world (for people). Perhaps you remember Mr. Bell when you talk about the history of your nice smartphone?

And there are also some, who wants to make sure that people know them in 100 years. People should know them. They want to give them information about

who they are, where they are, what they did,

like or hate.

Think about the Pyramids or Taj Mahal, which presents an epoch or a history or think about different statues of famous persons, who you should remember.

Why does every individual want to make sure, that he leaves something important behind?

Are we afraid of being forgotten?