Vojtěch Duda


All those images of stormy sea. The flickering texture of film decay gives almost surreal feel to them. The entire projected image shivers and fogs up like a mirage. The waters of the sea are restless, heaving and fuming with its unrestrained elemental energy.


The patina on the film makes the sea shore look unlike any sea I have ever seen with my own eyes. It makes me feel as if those shores were actually on some distant place a human has never set foot on, or in some distant time deep in the past. Like the primeval ocean that covered the Earth in the prehistoric times, hundreds of millions years ago, when life was a young phenomenon.

The land seems to be just lifeless rocks and barren wasteland, but the waters are swelling with energy, like the ancient Cambrian ocean, where the first living organisms came to be.

The glimmering and wavering texture of acidic decay looks almost like some strange swarming bacteria seen under a microscope. The ocean itself seems to be alive with these seething life forms, like a giant boiling pot of organic material. Its endless depths must be full of oddly shaped creatures that became extinct long ago. They are nowadays only fossils and imprints on rocks that the passing time buried kilometers underground.